Monday, March 31, 2014

Five Favorites: Places to buy kids clothes

Hey!  How's your week going?  Demo and clean up in the office is slowly plodding along.  So I figured while we work on that, I'd pop in with another installment of Five Favorites!

So over the last 2.5 years, I have sharpened my bargain hunting skills.  I always love a deal, and I know that being frugal is important for stretching our dollars.  That's especially true now that we have to keep two kids from running around naked :) Also, having a rough and tumble toddler boy means that I need to buy clothes that are only cheap in the dollar department, not the quality department.  And these 5 places are winners in both counts :)

First up, Target!  Oh man, that red bullseye and I have quite the relationship.  It is so good at taking my money, and making me smile while it does it :)  Every week when I grocery shop, I browse the clearance racks.  And if something goes on clearance that I love, I keep an eye on it.  Eventually, it will be 50% or even 70% off! and then I walk away spending $3 instead of $10.  Gives me a rush every.single.time. (Clearly I need more excitement in my life)

Next stop, Old Navy!  This one is great for your basics.  Shorts at $8 a pop?  Yes please!  Flip flops for $2?  Don't mind if I do!

Macys, oh macys.  This one is tricky, but also one of my faves.  I happen to love Quiksilver and Hurley stuff for my little guy (and his daddy too!). I don't love the price tag though.  So, I shop the clearance rack at Macys.  It's hit or miss, so I try to go about once a month.  But when it's good, it's great!  I have sweatshirts I've bought for Gage at $5 a piece.  The quality is awesome, the designs are great, and they hold up extremely well.  So, if you're willing to check on a regular basis, you can happen upon some killer deals!

Then there's the Gap Outlet.  Now that Persephone is here, this place is double trouble!  I literally want all the things!  But my number one purchase from here is jammies.  Have you seen them?  Holy cutes batman!  Plus they hold up amazingly well through all the washes.  While they are normally about $24 each, I buy them on clearance at the outlet, and don't pay more than $8.  Maybe a bit pricey for pjs, but you can't beat the quality!  Or the cutes :)

And last but not least, TJ Maxx.  I'm especially loving this one for P clothes.  I happen to love Carter's little girl clothes, just not the price tag.  $18 for a onesie?!?  Who am I, Donald Trump?!  But at TJ Maxx, that same onesie is only $4.  And that is a much more Robyn friendly number price :)

So there you have it, five places where I love to shop for the kiddos.  Or maybe just plain love to shop. If I had an infinite budget, I'd shop every day.  I think Dano is grateful I have two kids to keep me busy, so I'm not out draining his wallet on a daily basis.  But then there's always the internet!!!  It's a sickness, I tell ya :)

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