Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Greener Clean

Happy Wednesday!  Sorry I was MIA earlier in the week.  I had an awesome earth day inspired project planned for this weekend, but then it rained two days in a row.  So, playing in the dirt had to be postponed :)  And now I've been up to my elbows in kleenex since beanie and I came down with colds!  But I'm trying to get back in the swing of things, and I couldn't wait to share this neat little cleaning idea with you!

So for those of you who don't know me well, I really appreciate green.  And not just the color either!  I love trying to find ways to detoxify our home by using green cleaners.  I've been a long time user of Method and Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products, and love them both!  Recently I've been trying to branch out a little though.  There are all these great recipes out there for DIY cleaners, that should really save in the money department too!  DIY+penny saving?!?!  You know that makes me happy!

Here's where I had a little problem though-  I'm kind of a snob about smells!  I know, I should totally get over it, but I like to use things that smell pretty!  Thankfully, both Mrs. Meyers and Method products smell awesome!  Have you sniffed the Method window cleaner?!?!  Minty heaven!

But anywho, for those of you who have seen some of these 'green cleaner recipes', a lot of them call for vinegar.  And, if you've ever opened a bottle of vinegar and taken a wiff, YUCK!  I'm sorry, I know its cheap, and non toxic, and supposedly works wonderfully, but I do NOT want my house to smell like that.

So when I came across this trick to use Dawn dish soap and distilled white vinegar to clean your shower, I almost passed right over it.  But then I decided what the heck, I'll give it a shot!  And I love it!

But before I get ahead of myself, here's how it works:

First, gather your materials.  You'll want one of those heavy duty kitchen scrubbers that lets you put dish soap directly into the handle.  I picked this one up at Target for around $2.  Then, you'll need some distilled white vinegar and some dish soap.  To kick the green factor up a notch, I chose Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day dish soap in Honeysuckle.  Ohmygoodness I LOVE this scent!  Highly recommend it, especially for this project.

Fill your brush about half way up with dish soap.  Excuse the mess in the background, I told you I was up to my eyeballs in kleenex :)

Then fill it the rest of the way with vinegar.  Easy as that!  I was pleasantly surprised that this smells really nice!  I don't know if its just this particular scent of dish soap, but when I use this it doesn't smell like vinegar at all!  It just leaves my shower with a nice clean floral smell :)

Keep this handy little scrubber in the shower.  When you hop in to shower at night, its so easy to just grab the brush and give your already wet walls a quick scrub!  I always hated cleaning the shower, because I felt like my arms would go numb from all the scrubbing it took to truly get them clean.  But when the shower is already steamy and wet, it takes about three minutes flat! 

I've been using my wand every 2 or 3 days for about two weeks now, and I'm in love!  I can't imagine cleaning my shower any other way!

So what new cleaning products have you tried out recently?  Anyone else weird about the way cleaning products smell?


  1. YES!!! I am particularly picky about cleaner smells!!! I use resolve spot cleaner for those cat hairballs and I cannot stand the strong smell that stays around. It's a nice smell, but it overpowers my living room for at least 24 hours afterward. :P I would LOVE a DIY remedy for something like THAT!!! Thanks for this blog! I want to try the shower cleaner now! Hope it works for tile and grout!

  2. Ok now I want to try this - I'd seen it around Pinterest but I was pretty skeptical. I really hate cleaning the shower/tub though, so unfortunately that means I usually put it off too long.... oops :) I swear the rest of my house is not gross!