Sunday, April 13, 2014

3 months!

This past Saturday, P hit the three month mark.  Has it really been three months already?!  Wow.  This little cutie is getting too big.  I feel like, since having Persephone, life has been on warp speed!  Weeks pass in the blink of an eye.  I wake up on Mondays like 'wow, is it really Monday again?  Already?!'.  I mean, it's going to be Easter this weekend!!

But before this moment speeds away too, let me give you a quick update on our little girl!  I feel like she has started to morph from newborn to baby this month, and it's been  She's giving us lots more smiles now!  
She loves to watch her brother bounce around the room.  I can't wait until she starts giggling :). She is also quite the little talker!  We had a whole 5 minute conversation the other day.  It was very reminiscent of Dory trying to speak whale, and I loved every second of it :)
Physically, she is growing out of control!  Like we are in 9 month clothes now.  9 month!! Her hair is getting longer, and those roots are pretty blonde.  Speaking of hair, I've started putting bows in it and I can't.handle.the.CUTENESS! 
 She can hold her head up for quite a long time when resting on her tummy.  But, she doesn't stay happy on her tummy for long.  She'd much rather be laying on her back, grinning at the ceiling fan.  Is it wrong that I'm a little jealous of an inanimate object?  The smiles she wastes on that fan, it's really not fair :). 
She's still sleeping with us at night, and napping in the swing or on the go during the day.  We are trying to work on more of a sleep routine now, since we've been having some issues at night.  The habit she's developed this month that I'm not a huge fan of?  Screaming for at least an hour before bed almost every night.  Talk about a rough way to end the day!  Everything that I've read says it's pretty common, and can be caused by the fact that she's not getting enough sleep during the day.  So, we are working on more scheduled naps.  Starting with trying to get her nursery into sleep ready mode!
Wait, you didn't know the nursery STILL wasn't finished?!  Yea.  It's been hovering at about 80% for the last month.  But since she's been sleeping with us, we weren't in a huge hurry.  This coming from the girl who almost had a panic attack at 7 months pregnant with Gage when the nursery wasn't complete.  Somebody has definitely mellowed out ;P  We've been busy putting some final touches on the nursery this weekend (like a mattress and bedding).  Can't wait to show you the final product!
She's become more of a fan of her car seat this month.  She loves to bat at the toys strung across the front of it.  Just yesterday I caught her trying to pull the lion into her mouth :). And she's been drooling and chewing on her fist a lot.  Wonder if teeth are on the way already?  Oh, speaking of her mouth, baby girl has become a spitter, just like her brother was!  There are burp cloths all over the house now, and I constantly smell like sour milk :). 
That's our Persephone!  She's amazing, adorable and I just wanna squishthosecheeksallday!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

She went to Sherwin!

Thats right kids, Sherwin Williams semi annual sale started today!  And guess who was bouncing around like a kid headed to Disney World this morning??  This loser awesome person :D

So once Dano got home, P woke up from her morning nap, and we got ready to go, we all piled into the car and set out on my FIRST EVER trip to Sherwin Williams!  I could barely control my excitement, or bladder.  Cut me some slack, I've had two kids.  All the mommas out there feel me on that one.  Anywho, we got about two blocks from home, and as Dan rounded a corner he said 'I think the car is about to die'.  What?!?!  But I'm going to Disney World Sherwin Williams!  And they are having a SALE! We had no choice but to limp home.  The alternator breathed it's last just as we pulled into the driveway /sadtrombone.

There is, however, a happy ending to this over-dramatized story!  So did I mention Sherwin Williams is only about 5 blocks from my house?!  Yea, anyone else smell the danger THAT presents?  And we have a second vehicle :). But since said vehicle is a mustang, I was going to be flying solo on this great paint adventure.  We unpacked the kids, I grabbed my purse, hopped in 'the race car' (Gage's adorable nickname for the 'stang) and resumed my quest!  As I write this I'm thinking 'wow, talk about priorities Robyn!  The car is dead but who cares? Give me paint!'.  However, my live in mechanic is currently fixing the alternator.  Love that man :)

Back to the paint!  So my local store is awesome.  As I walked in, Manny introduced himself and asked if I needed any help (hi Manny!).  I explained my projects, and the fact that the previous owner was a little over zealous with holes in the wall :). He recommended their Harmony paint, so I got a gallon of that mixed up.  It's zero VOC and odorless, plus it will help fill minor imperfections on the wall.  Then I told him I needed some rollers and some paint for the floor.  Unfortunately his store doesn't carry the specific paint I was looking for, so I'll have to hit a different SW this weekend (darn ;)).  BUT, he told me if I call earlier in the week, they can have things delivered from a different store, for me to pick up here!  Love it!  Manny patiently listened to all my questions, discussed options  and even offered to carry everything to the car for me, all while the store was pretty busy!  I will definitely be back :)

'But wait Robyn, did you say paint for the FLOOR?'  I knew I couldn't get anything past you ;)  That's right friendlies, we are going to paint the concrete subfloor!  I've done some research, and looked at tons of pics.  I'm pretty psyched about it!  Fingers crossed it happens this weekend, so I can tell you all about it next week!

So how did you celebrate paint week?  Anyone planning a trip to SW to take advantage of the sales?  Click here for a coupon to help you save even more!



Monday, April 7, 2014

National Paint Week

Hello friendlies!  How was your weekend?  Mine was too short, as always :)

So I'm just popping in today with a quick post, wishing you a happy National Painting Week!  That's right kids, my favorite DIY project has its own week in this great nation of ours :)  And why shouldn't it?  You can do soooooo much with paint!  With a couple hours, a gallon of paint and some foam rollers, you can completely transform a room in your home.  Or a piece of furniture.  Or your kitchen cabinets.  The possibilities are endless! 

Sherwin Williams is celebrating this week by highlighting a different color each day.  And then this weekend, they are having a awesome sale, discounting paint by 30-40%!  So its the perfect time to refresh your spaces.  I've actually never been in a Sherwin Williams, but I hear great things!  And you know I can't pass up a sale, so I will be all over that this weekend :)  Can't wait to share my loot and experiences with ya!

What have you been painting lately?  I have quite a few projects that come to mind :)  And a new-to-me idea that I'm looking forward to trying in our playroom!  So what are you waiting for?  Grab a paintbrush and celebrate!

* Sherwin Williams has no idea who I am.  I just wanted to share the upcoming sale with you guys, and hopefully inspire you to get painting!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Five Favorites: Places to buy kids clothes

Hey!  How's your week going?  Demo and clean up in the office is slowly plodding along.  So I figured while we work on that, I'd pop in with another installment of Five Favorites!

So over the last 2.5 years, I have sharpened my bargain hunting skills.  I always love a deal, and I know that being frugal is important for stretching our dollars.  That's especially true now that we have to keep two kids from running around naked :) Also, having a rough and tumble toddler boy means that I need to buy clothes that are only cheap in the dollar department, not the quality department.  And these 5 places are winners in both counts :)

First up, Target!  Oh man, that red bullseye and I have quite the relationship.  It is so good at taking my money, and making me smile while it does it :)  Every week when I grocery shop, I browse the clearance racks.  And if something goes on clearance that I love, I keep an eye on it.  Eventually, it will be 50% or even 70% off! and then I walk away spending $3 instead of $10.  Gives me a rush every.single.time. (Clearly I need more excitement in my life)

Next stop, Old Navy!  This one is great for your basics.  Shorts at $8 a pop?  Yes please!  Flip flops for $2?  Don't mind if I do!

Macys, oh macys.  This one is tricky, but also one of my faves.  I happen to love Quiksilver and Hurley stuff for my little guy (and his daddy too!). I don't love the price tag though.  So, I shop the clearance rack at Macys.  It's hit or miss, so I try to go about once a month.  But when it's good, it's great!  I have sweatshirts I've bought for Gage at $5 a piece.  The quality is awesome, the designs are great, and they hold up extremely well.  So, if you're willing to check on a regular basis, you can happen upon some killer deals!

Then there's the Gap Outlet.  Now that Persephone is here, this place is double trouble!  I literally want all the things!  But my number one purchase from here is jammies.  Have you seen them?  Holy cutes batman!  Plus they hold up amazingly well through all the washes.  While they are normally about $24 each, I buy them on clearance at the outlet, and don't pay more than $8.  Maybe a bit pricey for pjs, but you can't beat the quality!  Or the cutes :)

And last but not least, TJ Maxx.  I'm especially loving this one for P clothes.  I happen to love Carter's little girl clothes, just not the price tag.  $18 for a onesie?!?  Who am I, Donald Trump?!  But at TJ Maxx, that same onesie is only $4.  And that is a much more Robyn friendly number price :)

So there you have it, five places where I love to shop for the kiddos.  Or maybe just plain love to shop. If I had an infinite budget, I'd shop every day.  I think Dano is grateful I have two kids to keep me busy, so I'm not out draining his wallet on a daily basis.  But then there's always the internet!!!  It's a sickness, I tell ya :)

Friday, March 21, 2014

It's ok to change your mind!

Have you ever had a space in your house that you weren't sure what to do with?  The possibilities are endless, you just have to pick a direction.  Well the previous owners had a clear vision for this space.  It was the quintessential man cave.  Complete with a mini fridge and theater seating :)  the room definitely has a cool factor, but since moving in we haven't really used it.  

This room has plenty of holes in the walls too.  And lots of random mess that needs fixing :)

After taking down the cabinets on the wall to use in the laundry room, this room just looked worse.  So Dano and I discussed, and thought about, and envisioned what the space could be.  And we changed our mind :)  while the loft upstairs makes a nice playroom, we decided it would function better as an office space.  That way, at the end of the night, Dano can enjoy time on the computer without having to come back downstairs.  Plus, I had worried about how to make the open window spaces in our loft safe once beansie started to get curious about them.  But now that it won't be a play room, we can just keep the kiddos out of it when we aren't in there.  And we can move the playroom downstairs into the former man cave!

The repair has begun, along with some demo.  I think this is going to be one of those projects where it looks worse before it gets better :). The holes are getting spackled, but I'm trying to figure out how to make the walls look nice before we repaint.  I'm not sure if all these spots will be super obvious because of the texture on the walls?  We'll see!

The bottom part of the bar has met its demise!  It actually came apart pretty easily, and the cabinets and counter will be a great work surface in the garage!

A big empty space where the bar used to be!  More floor room for the kiddos to play on :)  And more holes to be patched, boo.  We are thinking about trying to stain the concrete subfloor, if it's in decent shape.  And I'm trying to decide if we should take down the chair rail, or repair the pieces that have been cut out.  Decisions, decisions :)

There is still a lot of work to do!  We are going to take down the raised seating area, and move the desk and computer up to our room while we handle the walls and flooring.  I'm going to work on a mood board for the room, just to see how our ideas look together.  Oh, and I plan to do lots of consulting with little man to see what his ideas are for a fun play space :). Can't wait to see where it goes, and of course share it with all of you!

So what have you changed your mind about recently?  Any spaces you used one way, that you later decided would function better as something else?

Covering the damage

Hey!  So I'm back today with an update on the laundry room!  See how that says 'update' and not 'after photos'?  Yea, it's taking a while :)

Anywho, remember that wall?  You know, the one full of holes?  Well, we figured it would need something a little more substantial than some spackle and paint to fix it.  I thought some bright white beadboard was just what the space needed to make it feel clean and new!  After doing a little research, I figured we didn't have the tools necessary to cut and install beadboard.  And as much as I'd love to buy those tools one day, I was trying to keep this makeover low budget :). 

Enter this little beauty!  Paintable wallpaper that looks just like beadboard!!  At $20 a roll, and no extra tools required for installation, this was exactly what the doctor ordered.

We measured the wall, and then cut strips to length.  No paste required, simply wet the enire strip and let it rest about 5 minutes.  

Maybe have a beer while you wait for the wallpaper to get tacky :)

Then just line it up at the top of the wall, and smooth it down.  We just smoothed things with our hands to get the bubbles out, but you could also use a damp sponge.


Three strips down, one to go!  As the paper dries, it becomes more opaque, but it still needs paint to fully cover the wall behind it.  One coat of the same white paint we used on the cabinets, and it was perfect :)

Oh and you can see in that picture that I went with a light blue gray for the rest of the room.  It really made the space feel so much cleaner and brighter.  Also, it's almost the exact opposite of the fleshy pink that was on the walls, which makes me super happy!

So light and beautiful!  (Ignore the laundry :)

The cabinets are up, and the space is 90% finished.  I'm just adding some finishing touches, artwork and functional hooks, and it'll be finished!  I just found out one of my favorite bloggers created a collection of hooks that will be in Target by the end of the month.  Soooo I'm waiting anxiously for them to show up at my store!!  I'm absolutely loving the changes so far :)

Hope your DIY adventures are treating you well!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cabinet Facelift

Hey and happy Monday!  Did you do anything fun for St. Patty's day?  We made a trek over to Animal Kingdom, all dressed in green :)

So last week I showed you our dark hole of a laundry room, and that we were planning to use the cabinets from the 'man cave' for storage.  They are nice sturdy wood cabinets, but they were a little worse for wear.  Which is fine, since I wasn't the biggest fan of the finish on them anyway.  I'm going for 'clean and bright' in the laundry room, so I thought white would be a good choice!

First we took the doors off the cabinets, and then removed the hardware.  I actually really like the dark handles that are on them, so those will be staying.  Once they were disassembled, we sanded them.  These only needed a light sanding, since they didn't have a super glossy finish.  If you are painting something that has a lot of varnish on it, you probably want to wipe it down with a deglosser before you paint.


So once that prep was done, it was time to prime.  One coat of kilz did the trick.  We used little foam rollers to give the doors and cabinets a nice, even coat.  Then came two coats of paint.  Just a white paint from Valspar, nothing fancy :)  be sure to keep your coats thin, again using a foam roller.  I also used an angled brush to get in the grooves of the trim on the face of the doors.  Once everything was good and dry, it was time to hang those bad boys up!

I was especially anxious to get them on the wall, since all of my laundry supplies were hanging out on top of the dryer.  Along with tools, random stuffed animals, anything else we happened to drop as we came in the door.  You get the picture.  It was a hot.mess.  Anywho, I was pretty anxious to get my cabinets on the job!

Well hanging them turned out to be a bit of an adventure.  We knew we wanted to take a different approach than the previous owner.  Although bolts through the wall and into the bathroom might have been fun ;P We planned to just nail them right into a stud.  But, after using the handy little stud finder, turns out there aren't any studs behind where I wanted to place the cabinets!  So we were going to use the stud that runs along the top of the room.  Well, turns out that sucker is metal.  Onto plan C- toggle bolts!  Thankfully, this method worked like a charm :)  hubs got some toggle bolts, rated for 100 lbs each, and put 4 through the back of each cabinet and into the wall.  And since I'm only putting laundry detergent and shout in them, I think they'll do the trick quite nicely :) Once the cabinets were in place, we just put the doors and handles back on, and voila!  I actually only have enough stuff to fill one of the cabinets right now.  But you know what they say, you grow into the space you have!

So that's phase one!  I'll be back with an update on a fun wall treatment we did soon :) Have you ever refinished any cabinets?  The thought made me nervous in the past, but it turned out to be really easy!