Friday, March 21, 2014

Covering the damage

Hey!  So I'm back today with an update on the laundry room!  See how that says 'update' and not 'after photos'?  Yea, it's taking a while :)

Anywho, remember that wall?  You know, the one full of holes?  Well, we figured it would need something a little more substantial than some spackle and paint to fix it.  I thought some bright white beadboard was just what the space needed to make it feel clean and new!  After doing a little research, I figured we didn't have the tools necessary to cut and install beadboard.  And as much as I'd love to buy those tools one day, I was trying to keep this makeover low budget :). 

Enter this little beauty!  Paintable wallpaper that looks just like beadboard!!  At $20 a roll, and no extra tools required for installation, this was exactly what the doctor ordered.

We measured the wall, and then cut strips to length.  No paste required, simply wet the enire strip and let it rest about 5 minutes.  

Maybe have a beer while you wait for the wallpaper to get tacky :)

Then just line it up at the top of the wall, and smooth it down.  We just smoothed things with our hands to get the bubbles out, but you could also use a damp sponge.


Three strips down, one to go!  As the paper dries, it becomes more opaque, but it still needs paint to fully cover the wall behind it.  One coat of the same white paint we used on the cabinets, and it was perfect :)

Oh and you can see in that picture that I went with a light blue gray for the rest of the room.  It really made the space feel so much cleaner and brighter.  Also, it's almost the exact opposite of the fleshy pink that was on the walls, which makes me super happy!

So light and beautiful!  (Ignore the laundry :)

The cabinets are up, and the space is 90% finished.  I'm just adding some finishing touches, artwork and functional hooks, and it'll be finished!  I just found out one of my favorite bloggers created a collection of hooks that will be in Target by the end of the month.  Soooo I'm waiting anxiously for them to show up at my store!!  I'm absolutely loving the changes so far :)

Hope your DIY adventures are treating you well!

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