Friday, March 21, 2014

It's ok to change your mind!

Have you ever had a space in your house that you weren't sure what to do with?  The possibilities are endless, you just have to pick a direction.  Well the previous owners had a clear vision for this space.  It was the quintessential man cave.  Complete with a mini fridge and theater seating :)  the room definitely has a cool factor, but since moving in we haven't really used it.  

This room has plenty of holes in the walls too.  And lots of random mess that needs fixing :)

After taking down the cabinets on the wall to use in the laundry room, this room just looked worse.  So Dano and I discussed, and thought about, and envisioned what the space could be.  And we changed our mind :)  while the loft upstairs makes a nice playroom, we decided it would function better as an office space.  That way, at the end of the night, Dano can enjoy time on the computer without having to come back downstairs.  Plus, I had worried about how to make the open window spaces in our loft safe once beansie started to get curious about them.  But now that it won't be a play room, we can just keep the kiddos out of it when we aren't in there.  And we can move the playroom downstairs into the former man cave!

The repair has begun, along with some demo.  I think this is going to be one of those projects where it looks worse before it gets better :). The holes are getting spackled, but I'm trying to figure out how to make the walls look nice before we repaint.  I'm not sure if all these spots will be super obvious because of the texture on the walls?  We'll see!

The bottom part of the bar has met its demise!  It actually came apart pretty easily, and the cabinets and counter will be a great work surface in the garage!

A big empty space where the bar used to be!  More floor room for the kiddos to play on :)  And more holes to be patched, boo.  We are thinking about trying to stain the concrete subfloor, if it's in decent shape.  And I'm trying to decide if we should take down the chair rail, or repair the pieces that have been cut out.  Decisions, decisions :)

There is still a lot of work to do!  We are going to take down the raised seating area, and move the desk and computer up to our room while we handle the walls and flooring.  I'm going to work on a mood board for the room, just to see how our ideas look together.  Oh, and I plan to do lots of consulting with little man to see what his ideas are for a fun play space :). Can't wait to see where it goes, and of course share it with all of you!

So what have you changed your mind about recently?  Any spaces you used one way, that you later decided would function better as something else?

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