Friday, July 11, 2014

Laundry Room Reveal!

Hey guys!  Guess what? We finished the laundry room!!  Like six weeks ago 😳 it's been an awesome change, and I'm sooo glad we updated this space!! 

Part of the reason it took me awhile to get this post up is the fact that this room gets used.  Like a lot.  Most days I do at least one load of laundry.  Plus, we come into the house this way about 90% of the time.  So it can get a little cray with all the piles of laundry and whatnot :). I wanted to take pictures of a tidy room for you guys!

So onto the details!  The cabinets are the ones we reused from the man cave.  They provide more than enough storage, and keep all our cleaning products and irons hidden!

The little shelf between them was originally purchased for P's room.  We ended up liking the look of just one shelf in her space, so this guy got a little trim and was put up here!  I use that basket to hold dirty clothes that I don't feel like taking upstairs, just to bring back down here.  If I change the kiddos out of their jammies downstairs in the morning, I have a spot for said jammies :)

The picture is an oldie from ikea, and I've had the candle holders forever too.  Just some little things to pretty up the space!

I picked up the geometric blue rug at Homegoods, and I love it!  It's pretty and sturdy, and really ties everything together!  There are even hooks hiding behind the door to hold the diaper bag :)

Compared to the ugly wire shelves, fleshy pink walls and plethora of holes and bolts, this space is a breath of fresh air!  I love all the light blue and white, it helps me actually enjoy using our laundry room!  Now if I could just teach the washer and dryer to sort, fold and put away the clothes, that would be magical :D

What projects have you finished lately?  Have a great weekend!

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  1. The hardest thing I find is keeping it tidy, I did mine not too long ago and really made an effort to keep it looking good. This is a stand alone room so the door can be shut which of course means if anybody is visiting I rush round and dump everything in there lol.....gotta stop that lol