Monday, November 25, 2013

A work in Progress?

Hello and Happy Monday to ya!  Is anyone else ridiculously excited for Thanksgiving?!  I know I'm counting down the days :)  More food than I can handle?!  Yes, please!

In the midst of the holiday madness, I've been trying to work on some projects for P too.  And this past week, I created a little painting for her room!

I wanted to do a Shakespearian quote that I found and love, along with this beautiful stencil in the background.  Feels very elegant, I think.  So to start, I mixed up a light gray color, and then aligned my stencil with the corner of the canvas.

My guys worked on a little 'painting' too :)

There wasn't a whole lot of scientific method involved.  I just sorta eyeballed the spacing I liked.  And I wasn't super precise about how filled in the stencil was.  I liked the kinda faded/rough look it gave it. (a perfectionist, I am not)

Then, to make sure I wrote in a straight line, I laid out three lines with painters tape.  (so maybe I have a  LITTLE perfectionist in me :P)

I had typed the quote up on the computer, and tried to just recreate the look of the font I used.

Here's were the 'in progress' part happened.  I really wanted this to be all pink and gray, which is the colors I'm going for in her room.  So, I pulled out this pink and started painting over my lettering.

But it just sorta got lost in the gray stencil.  And I wanted the quote to stand out.  In hindsight, I probably should have done the stencil in pink, and the lettering in gray.  Live and learn!  But, before I painted over the whole thing and started over, I wanted to try something else.

Enter plan B- Black :)  I painted over the letters, and it definitely made the quote stand out more!

Finished, for now!

I love it, but can't help but think it needs a little something else.  Maybe some pretty pink flowers?  A feather or two?  Some glitter?  I can't decide.  What do you think?  Maybe once I get it hung up in her pink room, I'll decide that the simplicity works best.  We shall see!

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