Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Musings

Waiting is my favorite thing to do!  Said no one ever.

I'm sitting here looking at my November calendar and feeling... stuck.  Stuck waiting.  October was crazy busy, with several things going on each week.  Hence why I've been a little MIA here.  And so far, November is looking like the opposite.  None of the 'fun stuff' is happening until December.  Or at least the end of November.  Because what pregnant chick isn't looking forward to the face-stuffing-fest that is Thanksgiving, amiright?!

But as I look at December and think, we'll be moving, we'll be unpacking, we'll be setting up the new house, CHRISTMAS, we'll become a family of FOUR!  I can't help thinking that I want all the cool stuff to just hurry up and get here!

But I know that is just not realistic.  To just wait.  In the meantime, there really is so much to DO!  I just need to get my booty in gear!  And get my creative juices flowing agin :)  I've been feeling in a crafty mood, so I'm going to make myself work on a couple little projects.  This house isn't going to pack itself, and I want to be that crazy organized packer who has color coding and spread sheets.  So I better get on that.

So even though I'm feeling stuck today, I'm going to come up with a plan, and make the most of these next few weeks.  Because I know its going to be the middle of December, and I'm going to be thinking man, I wish I just had a little more time, to wait!

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