Monday, November 11, 2013

56 Days

Hello and happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Mine was fun, stressful, but overall fulfilling :)

Since its been about a month, guess what time it is again?!  Pregnancy update time!  I've been falling behind in taking pictures.  Well and really, I've been falling behind in everything these days!  Thank goodness I have an amazing husband who is willing to cook at night.  Cuz if it was up to me, by 6:00 each night, I'd be fixing bowls of cereal and calling it good :)

So I had a bit of a reality check/freak out the other day.  My due date is less than 60 days away!  And we still have three holidays and a move to get through in that time!!  But you know what?  It'll all get done, and we'll just take it one step at a time.  Knowing that I wasn't taking my usual weekend pics, I've been trying to snap a couple here and there when I feel like I look decent haha!  So this is at 29ish weeks.

And then this is about 31 weeks.

Baby girl definitely looks a little lower in that second picture!  I've started going to the doctors every two weeks now.  I actually got to meet one of the nurse midwives last week, and she is AMAZING!  I'm glad that so far I like 95% of the people in my practice.  But go figure I'll probably end up delivering with the one guy who just kinda leaves me scratching my head.  Like I honestly have NO idea how to read him!

Right now baby P is measuring about a week behind, so we'll see how that plays out at the end.  I'd love to not be induced this time, but you never know!  She is crazy active all the time, which is both fun and makes me almost pee my pants sometimes.  I'm still dealing with insomnia, and just a lot of discomfort while I sleep.  I crave lots of sweets, but thats also kinda normal for me.  My sweet tooth is a little out of control :)  I also randomly find myself STARVING at about 10:30 every morning.  And I eat breakfast everyday.  So now I'm eating four meals a day.  Don't judge

My newest symptom though- Braxton Hicks!  Ugh!!!  I don't remember feeling a single one with Gage.  But this time around, they are brutal.  We walk every evening, and by the time we are done, I am having painful Braxton Hicks contractions.  I don't want to give up the walking, as ultimately I feel like its really good for me.  But I do wish that each walk didn't end in pain and a sore belly :(  

While I feel like the end is rocketing towards me, I'm also trying to slow down and truly appreciate this time.  This time of just being a family of three.  And this time of being pregnant.  Even though it comes with aches and pains, its still an amazing process.  Feeling her move and seeing her grow, is just incredible!  And this is most likely the last time I will ever be pregnant.  So I want to savor it :)  And the fact that being pregnant means I can eat four times a day, guilt free!

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