Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Project

Hello and happy Wednesday!  I finished my pinterest inspired project, and am so excited to share it with you! 

I pinned this picture a couple months ago, and wanted to recreate it myself.  What better time to get on that than for this pinterest project?!

I started out with a blank canvas.  This one's about 18x24, but you could do it on any size you choose!  Oh, and see that cute little hand in the bottom of the shot?  Beanie was able to join in on the fun with this project too!

As for colors, I went with things that I felt would look good in our master bedroom, navy, green, yellow and a bit of gold.

Bean held the big paint brush, dipped it in paint, and then I helped him swipe it up and down in patches on the canvas.

His favorite part was dipping the paint brush in paint.  He kept saying 'dip it? dip it!' it was so cute!!  I just kept it very random, and left a fair bit of white space.  Just kinda do what you like, whatever feels right.  That's the beauty of this project, there is no right or wrong!

Once the paint dried, it was time for the tape!  I'm not sure what the width of this is, I just used whatever I had lying around :)

I am obsessed with chevrons, but I wanted to do a slightly different take.  I chose to break it up a bit.  And I purposely made it a little uneven, I really liked the look of it that way!  Oh, and it would take FOR.EV.ER to measure out each of those pieces of tape! 

Here it is completely covered!  It helps to have a couple of episodes of New Girl to catch up on while doing this ;)

Then it was time for paint!  I chose to cover the exposed areas in black, but you could do white, gray, metallic, whatever you like!

Just slap it on there!  One coat did the job.

Here it is all covered!

Then it was time to peel off all that tape!  I had a little issue with the paint bleeding under the tape, but since I wasn't being too precise about this, it doesn't really bother me :)

Whoop there it is!  I was running out of light, so it isn't actually hung on the wall, but I.LOVE.IT!  The graphic print vibe and colors make me so happy! And to finally have something on this bare wall is pretty exciting too :)

So what pins have inspired you recently?  If you partook in the pinterest challenge, I'd love to see what you created!

p.s.  I'm linking up at the fabulous Young House Love and Bower Power blogs today!  Be sure to go check out their awesome projects too!!

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