Monday, July 15, 2013

No Spend Weeks 1 & 2

Happy Monday!  So remember when I said I'd be back with progress on week one?  And then I totally didn't post anything?  Whoops!!

So here I am with a little recap of weeks 1 and 2!  To start, not spending money is HARD!  It seems like going out and stopping for a coffee, or buying something cute I find on sale, is kinda second nature.  And it really takes a conscious effort to say 'wait, I don't need this'  or 'this is just going to have to wait'.  To be perfectly honest, I slipped twice.  I spent $20 two different times on clothes for bean and I that were SUPER clearanced.  I can't say I felt too bad, as finding great deals ultimately saves us money.  And I've learned to be a crazy bargain shopper!  $3 maternity tops at the Gap?  Don't mind if I do :)

I had another big fail during week one.  I set out a budget of $125 a week for groceries, toiletries etc.  And totally blew it out of the water!  Between a trip to Target, Whole Foods, and Publix, I spent $170. This left me feeling defeated :-/  One of my biggest goals was trying to reign in our food budget, and I felt like I failed miserably.  But I figured that, maybe with our desire to shop mostly organic, $125 wasn't a realistic budget.

Enter week two!  I had a couple of moments of thinking maybe I should just scrap the no spend thing and move on.  But I decided to press on, and had a better week!  Planning ahead a little bit helped me save.  And I managed to only spend $54 of my grocery budget last week!  So, maybe it will turn out that one week we have to spend a little more, because we are purchasing staples.  Then the next week will be cheaper since we only need to fill in the gaps and get produce!  That would certainly make our bank account happy :)

We also managed to toss in some free fun along the way :)  Gage and I went to Celebration a couple times, walking the trails and playing in the fountains.  I'm grateful we live so close to such a beautiful area!  It certainly makes staying active easier in this Florida heat.  We also took advantage of the toddler play area in the mall :) Then this weekend we cashed in some free tickets to a water park!  It was beanie's first trip to Typhoon Lagoon, and we had SO MUCH FUN!  We played in the wave pool, rode the lazy river, and did the big family raft ride.  Such an amazing day!

I hope week three works out well, and I continue to be more mindful of my spending!

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  1. It is always hard in the beginning, but u will learn that it will become second nature to put things back on that shelf. Proud of you girlie.