Monday, July 1, 2013

13 wks

Hello friendlies!  Popping in with a quick update :)  Week 13 was filled with excitement (said with mild sarcasm).  While not a whole lot changed in the appetite/energy/size department, I still had my share of fun this week (again with the sarcasm).

So on Thursday, we had our second ultrasound!  Gummy bear looked great, super active :)  And I got to meet my doctor for the first time!  We decided to switch practices this time around, and so far I'm so glad we did.  My doctor seems incredibly kind and knowledgeable, two things I know I'll value on the big day :)  Oh, and I had to have blood work done.  Lots of blood work.  And I almost passed out.  I'm such a girl, I know, but I HATE needles!!  A necessary evil, but I avoid it when I can.  So that was my first bit of excitement. (guess sarcasm is going to be a trend ;P)

And then this happened.  This is the view from my hospital bed while my sweet guys kept vigil.

I woke up Friday morning feeling dizzy, and the sensation wouldn't go away.  After trying everything the doctor recommended, and getting no better, we were told to head into the ER for monitoring.  We got there around 3:00pm, and within 10 minutes I was booked in a room, laying in a bed, being informed of the tests they were going to run and FREAKING OUT!  Especially because the nurse said the words 'we are going to start an IV'.  Queue panic attack.  Oh and hubs and bean were busy parking the car, so I was all alone at this point.  But they got there before anything happened, for which I'm thankful.  They were a welcome distraction from it all :)  But, 7 hours, 2 ultrasounds and a painful IV later, everything was declared perfectly fine!  They just said to make sure I drink PLENTY of water, and relax.  I made no promises on the relaxing part, not with beansie around :)  But in the end we were all happy to hear that everything was okay.
So yea, that was a first that I hope to never repeat.  Here's hoping the following weeks are much more uneventful :)  Oh and huge shout out to my guys!!  They stayed with me the whole time, and just having them around made my heart happy :)  Love you both!!

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