Monday, July 1, 2013

Let's Get It Started!

You know you sang that title a la this Black Eyed Peas song ;)

So how about it?!  I think its kinda awesome that this month just happens to start on a Monday.  Because I love starting something new on a Monday.  Just seems like the day of fresh beginnings, amiright?

Hopefully over the last couple of days, you've had an opportunity to decide how you'd like to participate.  Or if you'd just like to spectate, which is perfectly fine too.  If this goes well (and I hope it does), there will be more no spend months in the future :)

To start, I'm going to give you my little budget break down.  This is the first time I'm attempting anything like this, so I'm just kinda pulling these numbers out of the air.  I'm trying to base it on our spending now, so none of this is very scientific :)  But thats okay!  Since we are planning to only spend money on food, bills and gas, our numbers are pretty simple:

$125 a week for food (for 3 people)
$90 a week for gas ($45 for each vehicle)
$400 a week towards bills

And thats it!  We'll have to get creative at times I'm sure :)  But the idea is that we will be more mindful of things like how much we are driving, and only buying the necessities in the food and toiletries department.

Now for those of you who know me, you know we like to buy organic in our house when possible.  I know sometimes buying organic can seem very expensive, especially depending on the size of your family.  But I'll keep track of my grocery receipts, and share any tips I learn along the way!  And if $125/wk for a food budget with organic produce is entirely unrealistic, well I'll share that too :)  This is all an experiment after all!

I'm hoping to get several things from this experience.  One, I want to find out what we can truly budget each month for groceries and gas.  Right now its all over the place.  I'd love to get a realistic number and maybe become one of those people who only grocery shops once or twice a month.  Instead of like every other day ;)  Two, I want to find out how much extra money we are just kinda wasting each month.  Now thats not to say we don't have wants and needs above and beyond food and gas.  Because I pretty much want everything on Targets shelves at any given moment :)  But I think holding an idea like 'hey, we could have an extra $300 at the end of this month if I don't buy these five little things'  will be powerful for me.  Because creating a savings is important.  And dude, I need to get on that!  Three, I'm excited to see what fun, free stuff I can discover in our community!  Who doesn't love free stuff, right?

So now I'm excited to hear from you!  What have you decided to challenge yourself with?  Have you created a simple budget?  Have you done a no spend month before?  If so, please share your wisdom!  And to one and all, happy saving!

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