Monday, July 22, 2013

Wks 14, 15 & 16!

Hello!  Can you believe its Monday again?  And since I haven't done a pregnancy update in a couple weeks, I thought I'd pop in and share!

Not a lot seems to have changed for me over the last couple weeks, but I'll give you the highlights :)

This was week 14.  I got this tank top at Gap Maternity a few weeks ago for $2.50.  Now I want one in every color so I can wear them every day!!  Soo soft, and nice and long!

And now I have my first comparison pictures!  The one on the right is me at 14 wks pregnant with Gage :)  I think I'm definitely bigger this time around.  And carrying a little higher

15 wks!  This was the week the crazy cravings started!  Not necessarily for weird combinations, but more of a 'ohmygoshIwantthatRIGHTNOW'  sort of thing.  I was watching tv and saw someone eating a pepperoni pizza, and just HAD to have one!!  And it was delicious :)

And 16 wks!!  I am officially at the four month mark!!  I'm feeling more movement, which is so much fun.  Its only for brief moments throughout the day.  But whenever it happens, I can't help but smile :)  Something about finally feeling that tiny life move is so magical :)  

The food cravings continue to be strong and frequent!  This weeks preferences include- dill pickles (of course),  tuna sandwiches and key lime pie!  Oh man, now I want all of that lol!!  Off to raid the fridge!

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