Friday, July 26, 2013

Wannabe Coupon Queen

Hey hey!  Hope you are having a fantastic Friday!  Beanie and I are fighting colds, so I see a lot of orange juice and couch time filling up our weekend.

But I wanted to pop in and share some fun little apps I've been using on my iPhone :)  You know by now, that I am all about saving were we can.  And these two apps have been :D

First up, RetailMeNot!  This little gem offers coupon codes on EVERYTHING!  Just type in the store, or restaurant, you need a code for and bam!  Lets just put it this way, I will never pay full price for a Papa Johns pizza again :)

And then there's Cartwheel.  This awesome little app lets you pick the coupons you need when you need them.  Saving money on items you actually need?  Yea, I can get down with that!

So those are just two little money saving gems :)  Do you have any tricks you use?  Any extreme couponers?  I would love to achieve that level of awesome!  Have a great weekend, and happy shopping!

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