Sunday, June 2, 2013

9 weeks!

So, the cats finally out of the bag!  We are expecting another little Werling in early January :)

Something that I've regretted a bit about my pregnancy with Gage is that I didn't document it better.  I wish I would have taken more pictures, recorded my symptoms, and written down my thoughts on a weekly basis.  So, I'm so happy I have this forum to record my pregnancy this time around!

While lots of things have been the same this time, a lot has been different too!

-The fatigue is back!  Ugh haha.  I am constantly sleepy, can't wait for it to pass!  Different this time around is that I'm having difficulty sleeping.  Last time I could nap like a champ, but now I toss and turn all night, regardless of how tired I am.

-New this time, nausea.  Its still very minimal (thank goodness) but it chooses to hit me around 1 in the morning.  So, also not helpful with symptom number one.

Just in the last couple days, I've been going through this thing where I'm starving, I eat, then I feel mildly sick.  It doesn't seem to matter what I eat either.  As far as craving, this baby LOVES scrambled eggs with cheese and ketchup!!  cantgetenough!  I've also had my fair share of grapefruit juice, which isn't something I normally like.

I feel like my belly has had an instant roundness to it this time.  Not that you can really tell in that picture :)  And my skin has cleared up!  I hope that keeps up throughout this pregnancy.

-Being pregnant the second time is tougher for sure.  Chasing a toddler doesn't give you time to really relax and enjoy it.  But, it certainly makes me more active!  
-No feelings one way or another on gender yet.  Many people are cheering for team pink.  I think hubs is cheering for team blue again :)  It'll be a while before we find out!
-My due date as of right now is January 4th, but for some reason January 15th is sticking in my head.  I hope for the little ones sake that it is closer to the middle of the month, just to give a little buffer after the holidays :)
-At our ultrasound, the tech said the baby is the size of a gummy bear, so now we affectionately refer to baby as 'gummybear'

That's it for now!  I'm looking forward to recording the journey this time :)

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  1. U look always. I am so happy for you guys. Gage is going to be an awesome big brother. Sooooo excited!!!