Monday, April 29, 2013

Feeling Moody

Have you ever been working on a room and thought 'if I could just see the room finished, I'd know where to go from here!'?  Well, I've been trying to make some simple changes to our master bedroom.  My hope is to transform it from a boring white box to something relaxing, with a little bit of luxury and fun thrown in there.  

While I have a vision in my head, and THINK it should turn out looking great, I've been a little bit worried about my final result.  Enter the mood board!  Talk about a simple way to put a couple ideas together on paper, and see if it will truly work.  

And there she blows!  I've centered my theme around the black chevron Nate Berkus bedspread.  My wonderful hubby got it for me a couple months ago and  From there I wanted to add some bling in the form of some bronzy accessories, like the starburst mirror.  I also wanted to step away from the current bland and boring white and black I have going on by tossing in some bright yellow and bold navy.  I love the little geometric pattern on the curtains and pillow, balanced out with the curvy shape of the navy lamp.

Since we don't have a headboard and footboard, I wanted to add a little bench at the end of the bed.  I also love the idea of having two different style side tables.  So, since we currently have the little gray nightstand we redid in our master, I thought the round, wood table would balance it nicely.

I'm sure our master won't turn out looking EXACTLY like this.  But seeing it all together makes me feel more confident moving forward.  And, its nice knowing that if I ever get stuck, I can just refer back to this to help get a clearer picture in my head :)  I'll pop in tomorrow and share some pictures of our current set up, so you can follow the progress as we go along!

So what helps you envision a project your working on?  Are you a pinterest junky?  I know I am  Do you like to tear pictures out of magazines?  Or are you a mood board fan too?  

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