Sunday, August 24, 2014

7 months!

Hey all!  Man life has just been chugging along at full speed around here!  And while we've been doing plenty of projects, I just haven't felt inspired to write.  Nor have I had the time!  But, I love having something to look back on.  A kind of catalog of the progress of our lives.  Especially since it's all moving by too fast!  I mean, kids are back in school already, it's September, and I think there's only something like 16 Saturdays until Christmas!!  Anyone else hyperventilating a little?!  Can I also just say though that fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year!  The anticipation of the holidays, the crafts, the food, everything!  Love!  And this year I'm not super pregnant and stressing over the purchasing of a home.  Or packing and moving.  So I'm going to dig in and really squeeze out every ounce of awesome that this time of year has to offer :)

But first things first!  Smu (aka smiley Smu, aka p unit, aka Persephone) is seven months old!  Holy bananas batman!!

I am absolutely loving this age!  She is so energetic and sweet.  She's rolling  Like under the couch, under the bed, into the kitchen.  She's a trip!  And she's so fast too.  I walk out of the room for two minutes, and she's mad because she's rolled her hiney under the couch.

She's still not sleeping in her crib.  Which is 100% my fault.  But I tried it one day, and the whole thing was miserable.  And then we've spent the past three weeks going through teething and a cold, so I didn't force the issue.  Besides, I love waking up to her cute face in the morning!  Especially since dano is off to work so early every day :)

Speaking of teething, this little monkey has her first two chompers!  I haven't managed to get a picture, but her two front bottom teeth are in.  And I've gotta say, she's been really good about the whole thing.  No drool, not very whiny, still mostly her happy little self!

Her baby stage is passing so quickly, and I'm just trying to stop and enjoy it as much as possible.  She's pushing up on her hands and knees now, so crawling is just around the corner!  As she grows, Gage is getting braver with her too.  She adores him, and loves to watch and play with him.  But she also picks up and chews on anything that crosses her path.  And Gage is not a fan of that.  I'm constantly telling him not to take toys from the baby.  It also drives me bonkers when she's happily playing, and he'll go across the room and take something from her because it's his.  Thank goodness she's still too little to care, and just grabs something else to chomp on.  But I'm dreading the time when he takes something and she shrieks.  Maybe he'll be into sharing by then?

Persephone is so expressive and fun!  I spend whole afternoons tickling her, and shrieking back and forth with her.  She babbles like crazy!  And she's just started saying 'ma ma ma'.  So I'm basically convinced mama is her first word :)

Peabody is 21 lbs of healthy, chubby goodness!  I love every roll and dimple :). Slow down baby, don't grow too fast!  Speaking of growing too fast, can I stop and shed a tear for the fact that Gage is going to be three in less than a month?!  Three!!  Well, I'm off to find a tissue. And some ice cream.  And go kiss my babies for the tenth time today.  Hope you have a great week!

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