Friday, August 2, 2013

Making An Entrance

Hello friendlies!  Welcome back to part 2 of my little 'use what you've got' makeover!

So I left you with my newly created play area.  Which worked out so nicely that I just had to keep going :)  Enter our very boring entry way.

Not so inviting to just walk into huh?  Just a little shelf to kick your shoes under, and some pictures.  We can do better!

And all it took were some command strips, two coat hooks, and some mirrors I made a while ago.  I never could find the perfect spot for them, until now!

One command strip for each mirror :)  The mirrors are just wicker chargers that I glued round dollar store mirrors in the center of.

Then stick 'em to the wall!

I got hubby in on this project :)  Since I wanted to be able to actually hang things (like the diaper bag) the hooks needed to be placed in studs.

And voila!  I used the extra command strips to hang some pictures we already had on the other side.  A mini wall gallery, if you will :)  Oh, I also switched the breakfast nook and play area curtains.  These are so colorful and fun, which just works for a play area!

So now we have a functional, prettier space to greet us when we walk in the door.  And I always know where my keys are, for now :)  

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