Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Half Way There!

Hello and Happy Tuesday!  So I have to tell you, I had a total 'whoa, wait, really?' moment the other day.  I'm 20 wks pregnant!  Which means this pregnancy is half way over!  Ah I can't believe it!!  But I need to back track a little.  Since I haven't given an update in a couple weeks :)

These are my 18 wks pics.  Why is it that my belly feels hugemongous (yes thats a word)  but when I look at pictures, I feel like I don't look very pregnant?  I mean seriously, I feel like I have a basketball under my shirt, but no one else can tell.  Not that I'm super anxious to truly be that big.  Everything is sooo much more difficult once you reach that super sized stage of pregnancy :)

During week 18, I had a check up.  Just a boring routine one, and everything is right on track!  I was measuring 18 wks, and babies heart beat was 150.

Then I totally spaced and didn't take a picture for week 19.  But I did discover something new and delicious!  Have you tried Lays Dill Pickle chips?  If not, you should.  Like, right now.  They are a lot like a salt and vinegar chip, with a hint of dill.  I can feel my feet swelling just talking about them :)

And now I'm in week 20!  On the left is 20 wks with Gage, and the right is 20 wks with gummy bear.  I feel like I look exactly the same, except maybe I'm carrying a little higher?  Can't decide.  I'm starting to feel more movement.  As I type this, the baby feels like its trying to escape out of my right side.  No amount of rubbing and encouragement is making it better lol.  Also, this little one is very vocal about sleep position preferences.  If I lay on my right side for even a moment, I get really sore.  So I'll be sleeping exclusively on my left side for the next 20 wks :)  Oh, and getting up to pee 2-3 times in the night has started too.  I don't think that happened to me until much later on last time!  Fun times!

In other fun news, we have scheduled our anatomy scan!  August 22nd, we'll find out if we are team blue, or team pink.  I can't wait :)  I feel like once we know, the planning and fun can truly begin!

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