Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Paint all the things!

Hello friendlies!  How have you been?  Life's been busy.  Nothing crazy or exciting, but I feel like time is flying!  So I know I promised you a post on the playroom floor decision, and then life happened, and now it's been a month.  So let's get on that!

When it came to demoing the playroom, we knew the floor had to go.  Not only was it part horrible parquet, and part carpet squares, but the area under the raised seating was bare subfloor.  Originally we wanted to just have it carpeted.  But we got a quote on carpet and found out it was going to cost almost $500!  Eek!  We still want to get carpet one day. But knowing that this was going to primarily serve as a playroom, we wanted everything in here to be mess friendly.  And freaking out about every crumb or container of playdough that makes it's way in there doesn't work for my piece of mind.  So, for now, we decided to work with what we've got.  And what we've got is a concrete subfloor!  After searching the interwebz, we decided that painting the floor was the way to go.  Cheap, easy and low maintenance?  I'll take it!

Now for the process.  First, the floor needed to be cleaned.  All of the old carpet glue and overspray had to be scraped up.  We just doused the glue in lacquer thinner, let it sit with a trash bag on it, and after 10 min, it scraped right up!

There were also a few cracks and divots that needed to be filled in.  We just used wall filler, pressed it into the cracks, let it dry and sanded it down.

Then came paint!  We just got some bright white concrete paint from lowes.  I think it was about $24 for a gallon.  The cool thing about this stuff is you can have it tinted to match any color, so the possibilities are endless!

This is after the first coat.  It's crazy how quick and easy this was!  After spending over a month on the walls, we banged this out in a day!  

So easy a toddler can do it :)

Here it is after three coats!  A beautiful bright white.  And we still have a ton of paint left!

For added durability, we decided to add a protective topcoat.  I'd read that it makes the floors easier to clean.  Plus, it gives it a nice glossy sheen!

And you know I was dying to fill this space up and make it pretty :).  We brought the mattress in from the garage for seating.  I want to get a daybed eventually, so this can double as a guest room.  The bench under the window we've had for years, it's from ikea.  As are the curtains :). Eventually, we want to do built ins on either side of the window, with a window seat in between.

More ikea love!  These expedition bookshelves are awesome.  We used this as a tv console at our old house, but we have built ins in this living room!  So the book shelf is great storage now.  When we do the built ins in here, this will move up to either the office or P's room.  

Love these bright, fun curtains!  They were the color inspiration for this room :). I pulled the light teal blue color from the curtains for the walls, and plan to use the bright green and navy as accents in the room.

So there's the playroom for now!  It needs baseboards, lighting, a rug, some furniture.  Plus, I have some ideas for the walls and of course the built ins need to happen.  But for now, we finally have a functional, huge space for the kiddos to play in!  And no more plaster dust flying though the house!! Yay!

Hope you are having a fantastic week!

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