Thursday, June 19, 2014

5 months!

Hello and happy Wednesday!  So, before another month passes and I miss someone's five month post, I figured I needed to pop in with an update :)

 This little girl is getting big too fast :).  She is so sweet, and smiley 90% of the time.  She wasn't too sure she wanted her picture taken though when I started her little photo shoot.

But she warmed up pretty quickly!  Her hair is getting so long, it actually flops in her eyes if I don't pin it back.  I'm not going to get it cut yet though, it's just too cute!  Plus this gives me an excuse to add to her bow stash, so there's that :)

Her new trick this month is rolling over.  And over.  And over!  She'll roll across the room if there's nothing in her way.  I caught her trying to pull her knees up under her yesterday and was like nooooooo!  Calm down little one, no crawling just yet :)

Fun facts:
Weight- 23lbs
Eating- just nursing for now.  But she's showing interest in our food!
Nicknames- countless!  Smiley Smu, Peabody, p-nut, miss mommy, the list goes on :)
Sleeping- still in our bed.  And she won't nap as long in the swing :-/ gotta get on this crib thing!
Clothes- size 12mos.  She's growing so fast that I'm constantly shopping for her.  Poor me ;P
Loves- peekaboo, grinning in the mirror, getting her diaper changed and whenever daddy smiles at her
Random- she plays with her hair when she's nursing and sleepy.  Oh and she likes to whack me while she nurses.  I call it 'the baby haymaker'.  Dano thinks it's hilarious :)

She's getting more interested in toys.  We have a little spinning gear thing, and she could sit and hit the button over and over.  Oh and she loves Gage's hot wheel cars.  Specifically chewing on them :). He doesn't mind.  Yet.

Her favorite activity though is getting in the bathtub with big brother.  He loves to make her laugh, and she giggles so hard when he splashes and jumps around!  Holding her upright is tricky though, slippery little wiggle :). She'll be sitting up on her own before long!

Ugh those cheeks!!  I sit around and smooch them!  We juuuust finished her nursery, so the next adventure is to get her to actually sleep in her crib.  Fingers crossed it goes well!  Oh and of course, I'll be back with a post on her space soon :)

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