Monday, February 24, 2014

Going to the dark side

Use the paint, Luke!

The painting skills are strong with this one!

This is not the master bedroom you are looking for!  
(Feel free to stop me at anytime)

So I am not a fan of white walls.  Like, at all.  I see some people who have entirely white homes, and while it looks beautiful, it is not my jam.  So after being in a rental for 2.5 years, I was super excited that our new house didn't have a single white wall!!   But, upon closer examination, it also wasn't painted in 'my' colors.  Or in schemes that made sense to me.  Like our master bedroom, which was rocking two light blue walls and two tan walls.  With each color adjacent to one another.  

Please ignore the unmade bed.  And the hamper of clothes.  I have a six week old :)

They aren't hideous colors, but their placement was a little odd.  And together they are a little more country then I tend to go for.

So after living with them for almost two months, I was ready for a change.  A drastic change.  Enter, Nights View by Valspar!

It's a deep dark blue-gray.  Different from anything I've ever done in a bedroom.  But after looking for inspiration,  I found myself gravitating towards dark rooms, and specifically navy rooms.  Our master bedroom has a big window on one wall, and a well lit bathroom on the other, so I figured this room could handle a darker paint treatment.  

So I learned a couple new tricks with this paint job.  First, see that little blue piece of plastic on my paint can?  It's .99, they sell it at the paint counter at lowes, and it will!  It just clips to the edge of your can, and prevents drips.  So when you go to put the lid back on, your not popping it into a puddle of paint.  Brilliant!

Then there was the 'plastic bag method'.  You just put a plastic bag over your paint tray.  This way, there's no messy scrubbing for hours to get paint out of your tray.  Just peel off the bag and toss!  Definitely a trick I'll use again!

And there it is, complete!  I even made my bed and folded the clothes for my after pics!  You're welcome ;)

I love how cozy it is.  Of course, now the bedding is too dark, but that just means I get to go shopping.  Darn :P 

I can't wait to add some art, and furniture.  I think some bright white, and maybe a giant mirror leaning on a wall?!  We'll see!!  But for now, I'm enjoying the new, dark look.

Some anyone else getting their paint on?  Anyone taking a walk on the dark side?

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