Sunday, September 15, 2013

Turning Two

Hello all!  How have you been?  It has been FOREVER since I've made a post.  Bad blogger, very bad.  In my defense, we have been sick, and then planning for a birthday party, so its been a little crazy around here.  Ok, enough with the excuses, onto the post!

So today officially marks our little guys second birthday.  Queue the tears.  I cannot believe that two whole years have passed since he joined our family!  I look at him and I am so in awe of what he can do, his sense of humor, everything.  All the personality packed into that small boy just blows my mind. This year we've watched him learn to walk and talk, and its been such an adventure.  He is so loud, and full of energy, and just says the funniest things.  To hear his tinny voice say 'I think so mommy' or 'I don't know eiiiiiiiither!' is precious.  To see him pick up any toy, declare it a hammer, and whack everything in sight drives me bananas!  But it is so very him.  To have him walk up and kiss my belly and say 'baby sister' melts my heart.  So to celebrate all of the amazing things that make our bean so very special, we wanted to throw him an awesome birthday party!

Anyone who knows our little guy, knows that anything with wheels is pretty much his jam.  Cars, tractors, construction equipment, Gage loves it all!  He also really digs the Cars movies.  So, we went for a Car theme this year!  We actually rented a room at Disney's Art of Animation Resort, a Cars suite.  And then had friends and family join us poolside :)  For a while I felt kinda like we were cheating.  I mean, I didn't make a ton of decorations, or cook any food, or plan a bunch of great games.  But I'm so glad we kept it simple this year!  With all of us being super sick the week before, I think I would have been crazy overwhelmed if we hadn't just done something easy.  And he still had a blast!  Rather than spend the day taking a bunch of pictures, I just sat back and enjoyed catching up with friends, and watching him have a good time :)  Took some time to just enjoy the moment.  He was so funny about opening presents.  He really wasn't interested, and just wanted to play with the very first thing he opened :)  And he tried to sing along when we sang 'happy birthday', and actually was excited to blow out his candle.  All in all it was a great day, that ended with a very worn out boy.

We only stayed at the resort for one night, but that was plenty.  Someone refused to sleep in his pack'n'play.  So after a night of being kicked in the back, I think we are all grateful to be in our own beds tonight :)
When we got home yesterday, we had one final gift to share with our little guy.  His first bike!  Dano was so excited to put it together for him :)  He considered it a sort of daddy right-of-passage.  And bean loves it!  I forsee many afternoons spent pushing him up and down the street :)

Well now I need to go find some tissues.  As much as I love to watch him learn and grow, its killing me that its all happening so quickly!  Slow down little boy!  Hope you all had a great weekend :)

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