Monday, October 7, 2013

27 wks!

Hello friendlies!  Since its been a month (holy cow how did THAT happen?!) I figured its time for another pregnancy update!

Apparently photographing yourself from the front in a black maternity top means that you don't even look pregnant.  So I'll try to avoid that in the future :)

But from the side view you can totally see it!  My belly is much pointier this time around.  Again, hard to tell from these pics, I'll try to get a better one this Sunday.  I also can really feel how big she is getting!  Lots of movement and belly twitching.  Plus I get out of breath or exhausted faster.

I feel decent most of the time, but I'm perpetually tired.  Insomnia has been rough, especially with some little boy that likes to wake up around 5:30!!!  But its all prep for when little one joins the outside world :)  Now that the weather is cooling off juuuuuust a touch, I'm trying to walk more.  We've gone for evening walks the last couple nights, and its been really nice!  Granted I move at a snails pace, but at least I'm trying.  

Two new symptoms have joined the pregnancy fun- heartburn and swelling.  By the end of my last pregnancy, these were both pretty bad, so I'm not surprised to be experiencing them again.  Not excited, but not surprised.  The heartburn is mild for now, as is the swelling.  But last time I was eating tums like candy, and walking on water balloons instead of feet :D

At only 13 wks to go, I feel like I should have some sense of urgency about accomplishing things for baby, but I'm just not there yet.  It will hit eventually, and its actually kind of nice to just be going with the flow for now :)  

Also, if you are pregnant, make sure you scour the clearance racks at Target and Gap on the regular!  I managed to find a pair of maternity jeans, in a long (my other freakishly tall ladies feel me on my excitement here) at Gap for $15!!  I was giddy :)  And plan to wear them every day once it gets cool.  And Target has some nice tanks marked down to $3.88 right now.  They'll be great to layer under a cardigan in cooler weather.  So check it out!

Have you scored anything super cheap that just made you want to share with the world?  Hope you're all having a great week!

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